Brassard- When wearing a brassard with either a light blue shirt, dark blue shirt or/and jumper it should be ironed flat with no creases.

Trousers and crease lines- The lines in your trousers need to be sharp and precise. Both trouser legs need to have 1 single line through each leg. The best way how to iron creases into your trousers and shirt is to use a damp tea towel or cloth and put it onto the trouser leg and put the iron onto it but don’t keep it  on to long otherwise it could burn the fabric. Also ironing straight onto the fabric may cause it to become shiny.  When ironing the creases into any piece of uniform it needs to be flat on the ironing board. The best way how to put the crease in the correct place in trousers is to hold the bottom of the trousers and find the seam then line the seams up then put it down flat onto the ironing board. The crease is to go all the way up to the belt loop.

Shirt crease lines- When ironing any shirt, you need to get the middle of the epaulet on your shirt and line it up along the shirt. You then need to place it flat down onto the ironing board and the put a damp cloth along the shirt then iron it flat.

Beret- When issued with your beret you will be taught how to shape it to fit your head. The beret is to be clean and is to be worn with the band horizontal around the head and 2.5cm (one inch) above the eyebrows with the badge above the left eye. Loose material is to be drawn to the right and the badge clearly displayed in a position directly above the left eye. The badge must not be obscured when viewed from the front. The band around the beret should not be frayed and any loose adjustment chord at the rear should be tucked into the band. The beret material should be free of loose threads and fuzz.

Parade shoes- Cadets are not issued with shoes so private purchase is necessary. They must be black, laced and with a toecap. RAF issue shoes are available from most Army & Navy stores. Boots and shoes are to be kept clean at all times. The first priority is that the main body of the shoe needs to be clean and polished. Following that the toecap is to be bulled to a high shine. Laces should be straight across and neatly fastened.

Socks and tights- for any cadet wearing trousers they need to wear black socks also female cadets wearing skirts need to wear barley black tights without any rips or ladders in.

Where to get parade shoes from- some cadets get their parade shoes from amazon, the shoe market and Swansons on Lytham road.